The Present Fleet

No.1 Whimbrel
Nigel Daniel

No.6 Swallow
Stephen Daniel

No.8 Gemini
Bryan Davis

No.20 Shearwater
Malcolm Gill

No.21 Tern
Ken & Morag Steven

No.22 Teal
Jane & Mike Calvert

No.23 Gannet
Chris Brown

Gannet is the most recent AOD to be built, having been launched in January 2010. Following her launch at the River Race Dinner of that year, all seven owners agreed upon the AOD constitution – and formed the Axe One Design Class Association.

At the same time a new AOD specification was agreed, this incorporated the rules of 1959 into a much more comprehensive format to safe guard the AOD.  Also, Peter Williams lofted a set of moulds from No.1 and is in the process of drawing a set of plans to compliment the specification. The latest specification is issue 4, agreed by the owners at the AOD Jubilee Ragatta in June 2013.