The Class Rules

The original A.O.D. Class Rules came to light some years ago, fortunately Rene had kept the original copies. The new A.O.D.s have been built to comply as closely with the rules and having used Whimbrel as the original template. Subsequently a comprehensive AOD Specification was  drawn up in 2013 which incorporates, but expands upon the original rules. (Current Spec – Version 5 – June 2021).

The following are the class rules as drawn up and accepted at the AYC AGM on the 8th February 1959 :-

Rules for an Axe One Design

To be established as a one design.
LOA : 12ft 3 ins. Beam : 4ft 7 ½ ins.

To be constructed of wood, as per pattern and measurements : 18 ft full height from keelson to truck.
It may be stepped if desired, provided the latter measurements are maintained. Position of mast 40 ¾ ins. (centre) from inboard of apron at thwart level.

1 fore & 2 back, to be attached 4ft from top of mast, fore stay to be to top of bow post. After stays 65 ins. From bow ‘in straight line’ (or approx).

Bilge Keels
As desired but not to exceed 1 in. with capping in depth.

Drop keels
To standard size of keel box, arm not to extend beyond rear of mast when in up position.

Size to standard, material as desired.

Fore Decks
Fore decks may be fitted if desired.

Main Keel
To be 1 ¾ ins. Thick, to be bored at forward end with at least ½ ins. Hole for hauling up. (plates should be fitted).

To be 5/16 ins. throughout, Nos.1 (garboard) 2,3,4. of witch elm. Nos. 5,6,7,8,9,10, mahogany. No.11 (top plank) ash.


Transom as per pattern, elm or mahogany, ¾ in. in thickness

Jib Fairleads
Gunwale, or thwart or adjustable.

To be of a material described as Egyptian cotton or Terylene. Area not to exceed 94 sq ft, for both jib and mainsail.

Mainsail 68 sq ft.
Height 14ft 6ins.
Foot 8ft 6ins.

Jib 24 sq ft.
Height 10ft 6ins.
Foot 4ft 6ins.

Any material desired.