No. 20 Shearwater

Built: 2000, by John Fuge and Peter Williams in Fowey

Owner: Malcolm Gill

The building of Shearwater was significant in reviving the the AOD class. Up until this point the only AOD in commission was Whimbrel – No.1.

Having searched the West Country for suitable small sailing dinghy Malcolm was advised to visit John Fuge’s yard at Golant on the River Fowey. Whilst John had no suitable second hand dinghy for sale the possibility of building a new boat was ventured. This then progressed into building a new Axe One Design. Malcolm was indeed fortunate in finding a traditional boat builder of such skill. In order to start the project a set of plans was required. So during the Christmas holiday of 1999 AOD No.1 was trailed down to Golant to enable John to take the lines off of Whimbrel. Having done this, building soon commenced and Shearwater – AOD No.20 was completed in July 2000. The number was chosen as the next in sequence from the original list of owners/boats last published in 1957. Shearwater was launched on the Axe in late July 2000, which coincidently coincided with a fly past of the Red Arrows!

The building of Shearwater spurred on the construction of another AOD – No.21 and so the class slowly came back to life.