AOD summer update

2014 is proving to be a quieter year for the AODs having celebrated the diamond jubilee last year. Unfortunately the Fowey Classics event has been cancelled this year so the annual AOD pilgrimage will not go ahead, although there is expectation for it to be held in 2015.

So far the river race programme has progressed without any cancellations although there have been some close calls due to a lack of wind, as opposed to last year with too much! But the good weather has provided the opportunity to have post race BBQ’s on the green – much enjoyed by all. AOD No.6 Swallow graced us with a trip down from the Solent, this will ensure she doesn’t get the diminutive K.E.Y.S. trophy for this season – but No.23 may do?

Similarly excursions to sea have proved popular with the almost compulsory stop for ice creams at Seaton Hole –  the best ice cream going – especially their home made rum & raisin – larger quantities to be consumed with care!!!

Just to prove that there has been some rain in July the accompanying photos show a trip up the river in damp but sunny conditions – unfortunately AOD No.1 could find no pot of gold in the bilge?

September sees a fleet trip to the River Beaulieu, coinciding with the 21st –  Bart’s bash – hopefully a contribution will be forthcoming…

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