AOD No.24 – Official Launching

On Saturday 14th April the River Axe witnessed the launching of a brand new AOD. The AYC slipway was rigged with flags, bubbly was set up on the pontoon and right on queue, the sea mist cleared, leaving a lovely sunny afternoon for the official launching of AOD No.24.

The new AOD was lowered into the water, and once afloat Graham & Eileen Mather christened her ‘Maflingo‘ as champagne was gently ‘decanted’ over the stem. The name derives from one of the young Mather family’s pronunciation of flamingo – and very fitting, following on the with the other seabird named AODs. Over the next few weeks Graham & Eileen will be taking her out on the estuary – conducting ‘sea-trials’ ahead  of the first race at the end of the month. We wish them every success with the new boat.

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