Freddie takes a Tern

The 60th anniversary regatta is almost upon us and preparations are well under way.

The programme of events has been finalised, all that is required now is the cooperation of the weather….

Latest update on A.O.D. No.21 Freddie, Pat Trezise has reluctantly sold the boat, but the good news is No.21 will remain in Axmouth. Ken & Morag Steven are the proud new owners and have re-named her Tern. She has already been out on the estuary, with Ken & Morag getting to grips with the subtleties of sailing an A.O.D, hopefully this will mean we shall have a full fleet for the Anniversary Regatta.

[miniflickr user=”53914894@N03″ tags=”1950s regatta” sort=”date-posted-asc”]Just to add a thread of continuity, Rene Drew will be presenting the regatta prizes, Rene’s late husband Jack was the designer and one of the main driving forces in getting the original fleet sailing back in the early 1950’s, I wonder if he would have thought the fleet would still be sailing from the Axe sixty years on.

The photo (click to enlarge) was taken during an early 1950’s regatta at the AYC – Jack Drew is standing on the left of the group along with other notable sailing characters from Axe & Beer.

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