AOD awarded Bosham Classic Boat Revival Concours d’Elegance 2018

The weekend of 1st/2nd September provided ideal conditions for the Bosham Classic Boat Revival regatta, a light/moderate south easterly,  with factor 50 wall to wall sunshine, perfect sailing conditions for traditional dinghies. This was the first time that the AODs had ventured east to this classic regatta. No.1 Whimbrel and No.6 Swallow were towed around by sea from the Beaulieu River to Chichester Harbour – by the parent vessel Walkabout, conveniently providing on site accommodation. The two AODs were entered in the slow handicap class of 28 entries, comprising mainly of Tideways, a few Scows and some local classes such as the Bosham One-Design. The racing was keenly fought with a local Tideway winning, but the AODs were close on her heels, with Stephen Daniel’s Swallow coming in 2nd overall, followed by Nigel Daniel’s Whimbrel in third place.

And to round off, this years Concours d’Elegance prize went, for the first time, to the slow handicap group – with Whimbrel taking the award. This after having suffered a broken mast in the 2nd race which was swiftly repaired during the Saturday evening (thanks to BSC’s Tim Reynolds). The ‘re-joined’ mast allowed her to compete again for the Sunday races 4 & 5. Obviously this was not detrimental to the boats’ appearance (or performance), her original condition impressed; since over her 65 years she has literally been preserved in ‘original condition’. 

Bosham Sailing Club ran an excellent regatta, friendly, well organised with weather to match!

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