Roy Perry 1929 – 2017

We were sorry to learn of the recent death of Roy Perry at the age of 88. Roy was a member of the Axe Yacht Club when it was re constituted in 1948 and involved with the early development of the Axe One Designs.

Roy was proud of his early connections with the local branch of the Admiralty Ferry Crew during the second world war, his young age permitted him to join in the lofty rank of junior Deck Hand. Following the war he became the AYC Secretary in 1952 and assisted in the construction of the AODs. Roy’s own boat, No.4 was built within the original batch of nine. Due to work commitments he moved to the east coast in the late 1960s where sadly he boat was accidentally burnt on the beach at Pakefield near to Lowestoft.

Roy returned to East Devon in the late 1970’s and has kept a close association with the AODs ever since. We are grateful to Roy, for it was through his knowledge that a lot of the early AOD history was recorded, as reported in our history section.

We offer our condolences to his family – Roy’s sage comments will be missed.

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