A new season almost upon us….

The new programme for 2015 has been drawn up and with the co-operation of the weather the River Race Series hopes to run 10 races from May to October. Over the years the usual formula to hold a river race has depended upon three factors, a minimum tidal height of 3.5m (Exmouth Dock), over a … Read more

AOD summer update

2014 is proving to be a quieter year for the AODs having celebrated the diamond jubilee last year. Unfortunately the Fowey Classics event has been cancelled this year so the annual AOD pilgrimage will not go ahead, although there is expectation for it to be held in 2015. So far the river race programme has … Read more

The Season’s Round-up

Having experienced somewhat inclement weather for the AOD 60th anniversary in mid-June, the summer picked up dramatically (typically) from the following weekend onwards turning out to be bit of a scorcher. AODs went in differing directions; Whimbrel went west to the Percuil River and had a very pleasant lazy few days sailing in the light, … Read more

Freddie takes a Tern

The 60th anniversary regatta is almost upon us and preparations are well under way. The programme of events has been finalised, all that is required now is the cooperation of the weather…. Latest update on A.O.D. No.21 Freddie, Pat Trezise has reluctantly sold the boat, but the good news is No.21 will remain in Axmouth. … Read more

David Trezise 1953 – 2013

It’s with great sadness that we report the sudden death of David Trezise, long term member of the AYC and owner of AOD No.21 ‘Freddie’. On 12th February David had been thatching the roof of the Harbour Inn at Axmouth and had came home feeling unwell. Later that afternoon he suddenly passed away of a … Read more

2013 Update

A new season is just around corner although writing this in mid January may lead one to think otherwise, freezing temperatures with snow & ice; definitely not conducive to thoughts of varnishing and painting. This year sees the 60th anniversary of AOD No.1 Whimbrel. To celebrate the occasion the AOD class will hold a Diamond … Read more

2012 Season

The summer evening race programme is almost upon us, the river has been incredibly low for the time of year, yet as soon as the environmental drought was declared,  East Devon incurred a deluge and the river was once more in spate. Hopefully these un-seasonal fluctuations will settle down once we start this season’s river racing. … Read more

Review of 2011

Looking back over the 2011 season one could be forgiven for thoughts of not the best. But looking more closely perhaps the lack of sunshine in August (well below average) clouded our memories of what has been a reasonable sailing season – at least on the river. One race early on in the season was … Read more

The River Race Dinner

At the annual river race dinner, held at the Harbour Inn, trophies were awarded in a number of classes. These included recognition for the winner of the first harbour race, and the first time an AOD has been capsized for many years (the latter being won by the same crew who won the AOD cup … Read more